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Angela Ivanova

Angela Ivanova


Development Direktor

Professional information:

Angela Ivanova has 16 years (1996 - 2012) of experience in the private sector as an owner and business executive in her own consulting company developing market research projects, advertising and PR campaigns for many small and medium-sized companies. At that time, she was also a trainer and coach in the area of change management and market communications.


In 2012, Ms. Ivanova won concurs for a leading position in the public sector in the city of Ruse (Bulgaria) with a conception for development of cultural tourism market in the region and concrete proposal for organizational change merging together five small municipal entities into one. She was two years on this position as a general director of a municipal enterprise "Ruse art", acting in the field of city tourism marketing and cultural tourism. During this period she presented detailed "Tourism Development Strategy of Ruse City and Region", acting as one of the main authors and consultants.


Since 2014, Angela Ivanova is a Business Development Director in INI-Novation GmbH (Germany) - an innovation management and consulting private company. INI-Novation consults clients across the globe in the development of innovation policies and implementation strategies. INI-Novation actively transfers research results to markets by consulting research and innovation oriented institutions in the area of technology evaluation, exploitation and valorization. INI-Novation also focuses on entrepreneurship qualification and the creation of high-tech start-ups.


Other professional qualification:

Angela Ivanova is certificated consultant in Strategic Communication Management from Ithaca College (USA), certificated coach in Guerrilla Marketing and certificated business mediator from BAADR (Bulgarian Association of Alternative Dispute Resolutions).


Research interests:

  • Innovation Management,

  • Market strategies

  • Coaching,

  • Strategic Communication Management

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