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Make it simple. Make it memorable.

During the course you’ll learn how to:

  • The UI/UX Role - An Initial Look

  • Principles of UX - Part I

  • Expanded Look at Examples of UI/UX

  • Who Are My Users?

  • Features & Functionality

  • Wireframes & Mockups

  • UI/UX, Graphic Design & Product Development

  • Guidance for Developers & Graphic Designers


At the completion of the course, you will be able to:

  • Understand structure as an element of user experience

  • Architect information effectively

  • Understand organizing principals for digital media

  • Understand skeleton as an element of user experience

  • Understand navigation design

  • Create an effective information design

  • Learn to create wireframes

  • Understand surface as an element of user experience

  • Learn visual design principals

  • Understand contrast and uniformity

  • Learn the best use of color and typography

  • Understand A/B testing processes

  • Learn resources available to assist with User Experience Design Process



To take this course you'll need:

  • Computer with High Speed Internet access;

  • Windows 7 or higher; or Mac OS v.10.7 or higher;

  • Computer with 64 bits 3GHz processor or Mac Intel;

  • Minimum 8GB of RAM;

  • Hard Drive 1TB;

  • Graphics Card;

  • Internet Browser;

  • Screen with minimum resolution of 1080 x 900 (1280 x 1024 recommended);

  • Sound Card, headphones and microphones;

  • Basic knowledge to a Digital Design Program is recommended. Such as Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Illustrator CC, Adobe InDesign CC, Balsamiq, Sketch



5 students



  • 16 academic hours /1 hour is 45 min, 8 live sessions/



  • Individual learning: No certificate: 430 EUR or with certificate: 460 EUR

  • Join a class: No certificate: 290 EUR or with certificate: 320 EUR

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