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Christian Postagian

Christian Postagian

Lecturer at 

New Bulgarian University

Christian Postagian, PhD, is a lecturer on advertising at the New Bulgarian University and co-author of the Master programme "Advertising Management and Visual Branding". Among his disciplines are the courses "Media Planning", "Principles of marketing communications", "International Advertising", "Visual Merchandising", "Advertising and Media", "Media Branding" and others.


Professional qualification:

Christian Postagian has a master degree in marketing of the University of national and world economy and has a practical experience in advertising since 1998. Member of the Appeal Committee of the National Council for Self-Regulation in Advertising and the Bulgarian Academic Association of Communications. He is a member of the jury of Effie Bulgaria (2014, 2015) and The Awards of the Bulgarian Association of Advertisers (2014, 2015).


Research interests:

  • Marketing communications

  • Media planning

  • Customer relationship management


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