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Knowledge is power which must be acquired from the heart and the brain as one.

Dana Webbstock

Dana Webbstock
Graphic Designer

Brief professional information: 

2015-today: Graphic design, advertising & marketing coordinator for “Misgeret”.

2014-2015: Advertising & marketing coordinator in Haifa Municipality.

2013-today: E-learning teacher for a B.A in Fine Art in NBU.

2013: Graphic designer for the start-up company “Visualead”.

2012-today: Freelance – branding, design, illustration & photography:

  • Advertisement Company: billboards, print & web design.

  • Jewelry designer: Print & web design.

  • The “Reali” private school.

  • Invitations & cards for events.

  • Newborn, pregnancy & event photography.

  • Illustrating a kids best sellers book.

2011-2012: Graphic designer for the high tech company - “Elbit”.


Other professional qualification:

  • Master of web development.

  • Makeup artist.

  • B.A in Fine Arts.

  • Mastered in photography, illustration & package design.


Research interests:

  • Combine marketing in the branding design world




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