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Creative thinking inspires ideas. Ideas inspire change.

Who Should enroll:

Business Managers responsible for Product design, Marketing managers, Brand Managers, CRM managers, CDOs (Chief Digital Officers), etc.


Learn powerful approaches to:

  • Make good decisions under pressure

  • Understand enterprise risk from the shareholder value perspective

  • Use design and innovation principles to generate better alternatives

  • Gain true commitment


Course objectives:

By the end of the course students will be able to:

The premises of this course are that all people are naturally creative and everyone’s creative abilities can be improved (just like all of your other abilities) through learning and practicing certain skills and techniques. The course is intended for students who want to enhance their innovation and design thinking skills in business and other domains. More specifically, the course is designed to help students:


1. Stimulate creativity in yourself and others.

2. Incorporate design thinking into your analysis of business situations.

3. Apply creative and design thinking to a real-world business situation.

4. Learn how to build and lead an innovation team.


Recommended equipment:

To take this course you'll need:

  • Computer with High Speed Internet access;

  • Windows 7 or higher; or Mac OS v.10.7 or higher;

  • Computer with 64 bits 1GHz processor or Mac Intel;

  • Minimum 4GB of RAM;

  • Hard Drive 250 GB;

  • Internet Browser;

  • Screen with minimum resolution of 1080 x 900 (1280 x 1024 recommended);

  • Sound Card, headphones and microphones;

  • Players and plugins: Flash Player 8 or higher

  • Other software:  Microsoft Office 2010, Adobe Acrobat 7


Language of teaching:

  • English



  • Individual learning: No certificate: 490 EUR or with certificate: 520 EUR

  • Join a class: No certificate: 320 EUR or with certificate: 350 EUR







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