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Education is not preparation for life, education is life itself.

Adacademy®  is an international online vocational training school which is a spin-off project of Budakov Films EOOD. It aims to deliver high quality e-learning advertising courses. Our curriculum reflects the professional aspects of the advertising industry by implementing graphic design techniques with visual communication. Adacademy® encourages students learning both collaboratively and individually in order to develop their projects into a competitive portfolio that demonstrates an expertise of advertising workflow. 

Our pedagogy and teaching manners are focused on facilitating the building of social relations and communities among the learners. Knowledge gets outdated quickly nowadays. Therefore, it becomes more and more important to know who knows what.



Adacademy® offers unique benefits and assets for its clients:

•    Live interaction with motivated highly qualified experts;

•    Professional instructor expertise and a quick feedback;

•    Individual learning enrollment and small group designed classes /up to 7 students;

•    Guiding the applicants to apply for the most appropriate universities that match with their interests;

•    Courses for beginners which provide you with the necessary skills and competence required to practice advertisement and               design effectively after their successfully completion;

•    Avoid the stress of traveling and save time and energy;

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