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Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop is the premiere image manipulation tool for print design, Web design, and photography. If you're planning to work professionally with photos or design projects at any level, Adobe Photoshop is the right software you need. If you've ever used any software program to edit graphics or images before, then the Photoshop interface may seem familiar to you and some things may be quite easy to learn. The reason is because most image editing programs on the market today are based on the Photoshop program.  It’s extremely popular because it’s convenient, effective and powerful design tool.  


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Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Illustrator is a powerful drawing software program offered by Adobe.  Anyone, regardless of artistic or computer ability, can use Illustrator to draw shapes and lines, create text, or import graphics and pictures. Adobe Illustrator produced cross media design that can be used in print, digital or hand held devices.

Adobe InDesign
Adobe InDesign is a software program created by Adobe Systems. Whereas While Photoshop is used for image editing and Illustrator is used for digital drawing, InDesign is used to create projects such as posters, brochures, flyers, magazines, newspapers, and even books. InDesign is a program that is commonly used by graphic designers and people in production; however, it's also used by writers, publishers, and others who want to create their own press materials. Adobe InDesign makes this easy. It’s not required to be a professional designer to use this program.

Portfolio Preparation
Portfolio Preparation is a class that affords the applicants guidance to build a presentation of their works accumulated over their career focusing in the advertising, graphic design and visual communication. This course would also guide the applicants to find an appropriate academic institution that match their interests and give them wide career opportunities. The portfolio plays an essential role in gaining acceptance for continuing education in the visual arts or for entry level design positions...

3D Studio Max
3d Studio Max is a 3D modeling, animation and rendering software. Widely used in the areas of interactive games, visual effects for movies and industrial design models, the software lets you create 2D shapes that become the cross sections of the 3D models. It is frequently used by video game developers, many TV commercial studios and architectural visualization studios. It is also used for movie effects and movie pre-visualization.

Infographics presentations
This hands-on course is focused on creating visually appealing presentations through the powerful usage of infographics and vector illustrations. Infographics are powerful way to communicate the main message by engaging the customers to the presentation’s content. During this course you will obtain basic and essential skills about presenting your project or portfolio to your clients in a professional manner. Our experienced lecturer is going to reveal valuable tips of quickly and effectively creating an exciting graphics. The course target audience is mainly focused upon young entrepreneurs, marketers, business strategists.

Digital Photography
This class is designed to give you 1:1 coaching and feedback sessions with the flexibility to learn at your own pace. The instructor will share with you tons of tricks and tips for different aspects of travel photography, from technical to creative, from planning to execution, and from the shot to mastering your portfolio. It is designed for beginners who want to obtain a solid understanding of the digital workflow and postproduction process by using Adobe Photoshop. At the end of this private class you will be able to develop your own portfolio which will showcase your personal style and eye as a photographer. 

3D Studio Max - ADVANCED
Designed for those already familiar with 3ds Max but who require detailed knowledge of the more advanced features. This hands on course will include advanced modelling techniques, advanced animation, mapping, advanced lighting and mental ray. You should have completed our 3ds Max course or have an equivalent working knowledge of 3ds Max.

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