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The only way to do great work is to love what you do...

Keti Tzerovska

Keti tzerovska
Graphic Designer at Market Trend

As a kid, I always loved drawing on paper, specially characters and nature, but it was at fifteen in 2005 that I started my self-taught career as a graphic designer. However, at 2015 I graduated my B.A. of Graphic design with excellent. I have developed a distinctive visual style that has awarded me frequent press coverage and multiple advertising and design recognition. I have also a strong passion in design of memorable and easy-recognizable trademarks, corporate identity, social campaigns, posters and web. As a graphic designer of the monthly magazine Study & Training Abroad, I am particularly interested in the publishing & press industry. My hobbies are: photography and… badminton.



▪  Adobe Creative Suit

▪  Adobe After Effects

▪  Corel Video Studio

▪  3D Studio Max

▪  PBS Certificate – Personal Business Skills

▪  Painting

▪  Photography

▪  Create online course book for Graphic Design

▪  Create lessons in field of Graphic Design

▪  Contribution in different seminars in field of design and innovation


Participation in seminars:

▪  Trends in Contemporary Design

▪  Working with brand book

▪  Corporate identity

▪  Mobile Apps

▪  3D and Gaming

▪  International webinar in KBTU, Almaty

▪  3D Mapping

▪  Interior design

▪  How to design a magazine













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