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The advertising creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine our future.

Petyo Budakov, Ph.D

Petyo Budakov, Ph.D
Lecturer at

New Bulgarian University

The aim of my research is to review professional concept of brand identity, to explore the implication of brand identity facets on marketing communication of a brand and to synthesize that understanding with a comparison with some of the latest brand identity examples. My research interests are also devoted on the Visual Communication Design. My lectures interprets it as a rational language of conceiving, visualizing, organizing, producing and presenting. The rational design language requires insights and intuition to enable students to communicate effectively and efficiently on intellectual and emotional levels with target populations and/or groups and genders.



  • New Bulgarian University, Sofia, Bulgaria, Program “Graphic design”


Visiting professor:

  • Kazakh-British Technical University, Almaty, Kazakhstan, Department “Multimedia technology”

  • Tiltan College, Haifa, Israel, Program “Graphic design and visual communication”










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