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"Photography teaches you to look - to appreciate all kind of things" - Saul Leiter

This class is designed to give you 1:1 coaching and feedback sessions with the flexibility to learn at your own pace. 

The instructor will share with you tons of trips and tricks for different aspects of travel photography, from technical to creative, from planning to execution, and from the shot to mastering your portfolio. 

The course makes a review of fundamentals like composition, lighting and exposure and encourages the learners to get immersed into the exciting world of the postproduction process.

It is designed for beginners to intermediate photographers who want to obtain a solid understanding of the digital workflow and postproduction process by using Adobe Photoshop. During these private live sessions you will learn how to edit your photos as a professional, apply sizing, cropping, retouching masks, colors and layering your projects. 

After submitting your assignment online, your instructor will provide valuable critique that will help you to sharp your skills and vision and thereby to stand out from the others.

At the end of this private class you will develop you will be able to develop your own portfolio which will showcase your personal style and eye as a photographer.


During the course you’ll learn how to:

  • Apply key travel photography techniques to document travels like a professional. 

  • Review fundamentals like composition, lighting and exposure.

  • Edit photographs in Adobe Photoshop like an expert.

  • Create your own portfolio.


At the completion of the course, you will be able to:

  • Create an original concept and design its professional content;

  • Download and edit infographics by modifying them according to your needs;

  • Create a visually engaging graphic volume;

  • Design a presentation style with a cohesive and attractive vision;



To take this course you'll need:

  • Computer with High Speed Internet access;

  • Windows 7 or higher; or Mac OS v.10.7 or higher;

  • Computer with 64 bits 3GHz processor or Mac Intel;

  • Minimum 4GB of RAM;

  • Hard Drive 500 GB;

  • Graphics Card;

  • Internet Browser;

  • Screen with minimum resolution of 1080 x 900 (1280 x 1024 recommended);



100 % private.



  • 3 weekly live private sessions – 90 minute 1:1 online meetings.

  • The sessions will be recorded for your further review.

  • Learn at your own pace.

  • Custom training plan that includes exercises and suggestions for future study.

  • Access to our online campus 24/7.


Price: 220 EUR

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