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TEDxBerlin – stay focused and see the world differently!

TEDxBerlin conference took place on September 3rd at Messe Berlin by hosting some of the most superior speakers which awesome talks inspired and excited the participants.

Mr. Stephan Balzer opened the ceremony by presenting the conference tagline – Focus. He is a pioneer and a decision maker in the innovation scene in Berlin and beyond its borders in Europe. Mr. Balzer announced the speakers and also hosted a talk with Mr. Parag Khanna – a leading global strategist, world traveler and best-selling author. The second session was hosted by Dr. Joana Breidenbach – an anthropologist and author of numerous books on the cultural effects of globalization. However, this TEDxBerlin shed light on some quite actual and relevant topics such as: how to save democracy, how to avoid the racism, social entrepreneurship and how to motivate the people to take actions in different social initiatives, how the urbanization can save the ecosystem and etc. All of the speakers managed to inspire the participants by giving illustrative examples, explaining artifacts and certain figures and conclusions based on their own investigations. This conference proudly hosted some of the most famous scientists, entrepreneurs, design thinkers and influential writers like: Victoria Peter, Elisabeth Wehling, Ali Can, Julian Breinersdorfer, Hubertus Drinkuth, Parag Khanna, Chris Kutarna, Yascha Mounk, Tom Osborn Michael Shellenberger and Benjamin Weber.

This TEDxBerlin took the viewers on a remarkable journey by making them possible to see the world differently afterwards!

More information about TEDxBerlin you can find at:​

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