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Living in a Selfie World

The selfie industry has been developing in a frenetic rate – according to Selfie Nation, the number of the “self-portraits” grew with 17000% since 2012.

However, it is a lesser-known fact that the first selfie was taken in 1839 from the American photographer Robert Cornelius. These catchy types of portraits became popular beyond the earth in 1966 when the first selfie in space was taken by Buzz Aldrin during the Gamini 12 mission. The selfie industry has evolved and the first selfie stick was listed in Time magazine’s 25 best invention of 2014. Obviously, not only the photography has been greatly influenced but also our lifestyle, culture, behaviors and habits to communicate. With more than 93 million selfies which are taken every day, the humanity has conceived a completely new visual language that enables the people to quickly narrate their stories, experience, feelings, expectations and etc. – everything could be “encrypted” into a single selfie-portrait that will be shared with the billions of social networking users for less than a second. Similar to all other visual languages, this one should be also refined and constantly improved to stay in line with the needs of the society as well as following the latest technology trends. Nowadays, the smartphones provide an infinite number of settings that blur the borders with some advanced digital single lens reflex cameras. Thus, there is a growing gap between creativity and technology.

However, some schools have already started offering courses and workshops, focused on the creation of nuanced selfie-portraits that rock the social networking users by making them feeling really jealous – it’s hard to believe what masterpiece of selfies you could take by using just a simple smartphone! For instance, Adacademy Berlin offers all travelers a chance to gain some practical skills and knowledge into the selfie and travel photography. Within a 3-hours workshop, tourists learn how to calibrate their camera, control the exposure, specify the focus, determine the depth of field and most importantly – some hidden tricks and tips that make your selfie visually appealing and really unique! The co-founder of Adacademy Ltd, Mr. Petyo Budakov, PhD argued: “The selfie portraits are combustible – it is the power that fuel the creative engine! The ancient inhabitants of The Caves of Lascaux used to create their own visual language during the Stone Age just by using their sheer level of creativity – living in our fast-paced pressurized modern world we should embrace some unconventional notions of what the selfie actually could be”. If you are planning a short stay in Berlin, don’t miss the chance to get a real selfie experience with Adacademy Berlin! Unleash your creative genius and take the selfie that will make your artwork stand out from the rest! More info at:

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