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Alumni Success Story

Valeriia Bogatyreva

"I’ve received an undergraduate degree in Politics from the University of York couple of months ago. During my year abroad I had a chance to intern in the National Assembly of France, which inspired me to build a career in the field of Human Rights. Whilst my main interests are predominantly concerned with anti-discrimination initiatives in the CIA region, my hobbies also include occasional drawing and travelling."

Why did you decide to develop your photography skills?

I had a professional camera for quite a while but never actually took the time to explore its features and soon switched to using my phone camera, as the latter appears to be more practical during the travels. I was interested to learn more about the abilities of my phone camera, so that I can take quality and aesthetically pleasing pictures and use them for content of several social media accounts that I help to manage.

How would you describe your photo travel workshop conducted by Adacademy? What was the main challenge?

The workshop was conducted in a relaxed atmosphere of a coffee shop, however it was very knowledgeable and practical. Petyo has altered the content of the workshop based on my qualifications and interests. I was given lots of opportunities to practice and ask questions. The main challenge was to remember all the complex features of the professional camera, but because this information served as the context to the features of the phone camera, it has given me a deeper understanding of the subject.

Looking ahead, what are your major goals in the next couple of years?

My major goal is to get a work experience in the inter-governmental political unit and combine it with the promotion of non-discrimination commitments through social media.

What will be your travel destination?

One of my next dream destinations is South Tyrol: long hikes among picturesque mountains to the crystal blue lakes!! And lots of photo-worth sceneries, of course!

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