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Olympiastadion – It’s not just a stadium, it’s a fantastic playground!

The Olympiastadion, known also as Olympic Stadium in Berlin was built to host the 1936 Olympic Games. During the Olympics the record attendance was deemed to be over 100 000 visitors. However, nowadays the modern arena has a capacity to host 74 475 fans.

It features a remarkable exterior and interior design and has an ability to mesmerize the visitors from all over the world.

However, at one side of the stadium, the main axis is expressed by two identical towers. They indicate the main entrance. The Olympic rings are suspended between the towers to symbolically complete the design of the portal. At the other side of the stadium, the continuity of the tiers along the elliptical perimeter is suddenly interrupted by the 'Marathon Gate'.

On occasion of the World Cup 2006, the stadium was again completely renovated. Works started in September 2000. The project of the renovated stadium respected the original structure of the Thirties. However, this time the stadium was completed covered by a new roof. Just like the tiers, the roof also interrupts at the Marathon Gate. A membrane of semitransparent Teflon was used to create the roof structure, contrasting the robust volume of the stadium. Even if you are not a football fan, by visiting Olympiastadion you will learn more about the sports architecture and design and how it has been evolving over the ages.

Now that you have more than enough reasons to visit the Olympiastadion in Berlin, you should know that several tours are being organized there. There is one focused on Hertha’s history, another one focused on the technology behind the stadium and one that shows you the highlights of it.

You could also visit some of the home Hertha’s matches and to get thrilled by enjoying the exciting atmosphere, created by their fans!

Adacademy highly recommends Olympiastadion as a must-see sight in Berlin!

For more information about the tours, you need to visit the official Olympiastadion website:

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