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Stiftung Planetarium Berlin – one of the most modern scientific theaters in Europe!

Opened in 1987, the Stiftung Planetarium Berlin is one of the most impressive scientific theaters in Europe and one of the largest planetarium in Germany.

The program it offers an abundance of scientific findings, entertainment and artistic elements, including music, artwork and theater into a unique emotional experience.

However, the Zeiss-Großplanetarium was completely renovated and reopened doors in August 2016.

Our team had a great chance to visit its brand new show, called: Fantastic Cosmos (Phantastisches Weltall). The visitors enjoyed some exciting 3D and 2D animations that reflect the birth and death of stars, provide the audience with unique flights over planetary surfaces and give a glimpse of the collision of the entire galaxies. An array of research has been conducted focused on the creation of the Milky Way, and all findings are greatly illustrated by using the latest trends and approaches in the computer-generated imagery. This inspiring show would be also extremely useful for all students who want to master a career in the 3D and 2D animation.

Adacademy highly recommends this show as well as visiting all other screenings offered by Stiftung Planetarium Berlin!

More information you could find at:

Acknowledgement: We want to express our special thanks to Ms. Fanny Heidenreich, Department “PR and Communications”, Stiftung Planetarium Berlin for her great support and asistance.

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