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MMM Berlin 2017

On 10 November 2017, DEKRA Media University and the Marketing Club Berlin hosted the third edition of the conference "Media, Marketing & More" (MMM). It was launched under the motto "Opinion makers, multipliers, brand ambassadors? Influencer Marketing! It took place for the first time at the TV studio of DEKRA’s media partner ALEX Berlin in Friedrichshain and was broadcasted online. The main focus of this science event was the utilization of "influencers" as multipliers for the needs of the corporate brand communication. More than 100 participants were engaged and inspired from the presentations of the superior speakers and all networking panels.

MMM Berlin 2017 was opened by Prof. Dr. Udo Bomnüter, Professor Michael Beuthner (both from DEKRA Hochschule Berlin) and Mr. Thorsten Doil from the Marketing Club Berlin. An introductory keynote was conducted by Daniel Horzetzky, Federal Association of Influencer Marketing.

Matthias Peschel (TERRITORY Webguerillas), Luca Tito (NO SERVICE 24/7), Beate Kiep and Eike Tölle from Landau Media presented some extremely valuable professional insights about the projects they have recently kicked-off and all challenges they faced throughout the execution. It was followed by a "speed networking" of the participants, moderated by Claudio Rimmele, a co-operator of the co-working space Blogfaprik.

Mirko Großmann from Curry 36 and Marko Jahn (ZEPTER & KRONE) presented the brand strategy of Berlin Currywurst, which involves an engagement of fans, co-called: "Berlinfluencern" and organizing events like "Pre: currywurst". Furthermore, the influencers Claudio Rimmele and Konrad Langer illustrated their project experience.

It led the participants to a conclusion that trends toward "influencer marketing" are becoming significantly important.

However, it was suggested that all cooperation with influencers must be carefully planned: whether with celebrities or with “micro-influencers” who have a large number of followers.

The event ended with a networking panel, called “Get together", sponsored by" Coca Cola, Curry 36 and Warsteiner.

Further details about the conference, speakers and sponsors can be found on the website (# MMMBerlin2017).


DEKRA University of Applied Sciences is a state-approved university of applied sciences, located in Berlin-Friedrichshain. The students could learn there from the best in the industry at the greatest and brightest surrounding of them. However, more than 300 future media professionals study interdisciplinary and practice-oriented courses in the bachelor programs Media Management, Film and TV and Journalism.

With more than 370 corporate partners and individual members, the Marketing Club Berlin is a pivotal meeting place that hosts business, science, universities and plays an important role for facilitating the building of professional networking and communities.

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