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Alumni Success Story

Asya Kochevska

My name is Asya (26) and I am currently working as a travel agent in the biggest touristic company in Austria serving the whole country. During my study of communications (specializing in advertising and PR), I have worked in another tour agency, where I organized the trips for a lot of business travelers and companies. Fortunately, I am now no longer sending my clients on a business trip, but on a vacation. I am happily married and the most important things in my life are pretty easy to remember because they are only three: my family, my new family (hopefully we will be soon three members) and the things that I have to do to make all of them proud and happy (which includes fulfilling my dreams and be better at what I am doing). I love playing tennis or volleyball and cooking, my biggest dream is to be able to fulfil all my and my family’s needs and dreams (my mom wants to travel the world for example so it’s not an easy dream I have 😊)

Why did you decide to develop your design skills?

As mentioned I specialized advertising during my study. Since I was a small child I loved to watch the ads on the TV. in today's world it is impossible to create a great ad without design skills. At one point I realized that I have the ideas and the ambition to transfer them in to real projects, but don’t have the needed technical abilities.

What was the main challenge?

To be able to transfer the picture in my head onto the computer. And trust me the pictures in my head are often very detailed and complicated 😊

Looking ahead, what are your major goals in the next couple of years?

To be manager of the branch where I work till the next summer. After 2-3 years to move to the main building of the company and be responsible for the marketing activities. After maybe 10 years to build my own advertising agency or to manage the marketing activities of our future family company (probably something with real estate as far as it depends on my husband…. It doesn’t :D…but why not… we will see)

What the creativity means for you?

Going beyond the things which you can see in real life. Creating something that arouses emotions even if it’s scare or sadness. Emotions drive the world and if I can create something that moves someone and stays in his/her mind forever, that that means for me I was creative and have made something special that will stay.

Who would win a fight between Spiderman and Batman?

Haha, didn’t expect that. Well I am more competent with barbies but let me see. As far as I can remember batman was a scientist and can fly. Spiderman needs something on which he can shoot his cobweb to be able to move. Batman can escape the fight by flying away which doesn’t mean that he won. But I would love if no one of them would die in a fight so I would vote for batman because he can escape alive 😊 And also, I hate spiders.

Actually, it depends on the illustrator and the creative director. They decide which one of the fighters has more equipment and guns 😊

Pretend you’re our CEO. What three concerns about the firm’s future keep you up at night?

I will always be worried if everyone works the same way when I am at the office as when I am out. I will never forgive myself if my employees don’t have the chance to develop themselves and learn new stuff. It is very difficult to love what you do if it isn’t your own business. I would try every single second to make all my employees feel that they are working for their own success and then for the company. I would hate myself if my colleagues work for the salary and don’t feel responsible for the success of the company and don’t feel proud of that.

What is your motto?

Don’t go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. Love, laugh and cry.

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